These disorders may be due to some environmental factors, high risk register problem being the most common. (Mercer Mercer, 1998)Students who have communication disorder need to be treated equally as a teacher will treat other student, however in addition the teacher is supposed to do the following:Students having communication disorders ought to be persuaded to talk about their functional difficulties as well as their needs in confidential in the initial week of learning and to discuss methods for compensation.When it seems that a student requires assistance, enquire if you can assist. A teacher should accept a “No” graciously.Encourage the classmates to acknowledge the student having communicative difficulty.Be a fine speech model, this will show to every one that fine communication is pleasing.Establish and maintain in the classroom an atmosphere which is conducive to simplify a communication.Confer with a Speech Language specialist regarding the child with the communicative disorder in class and work with the Language specialist all through the class time.Physical education in vital in health fitness and general well being of students, Physical education develops strength, maintains body mobility at the same time it challenges the mind and the body.

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